Future Kitty LitterBowl Customers

We at Kitty LitterBowl LOVE receiving feedback from future customers!

“Can’t wait to get one!” ~ Terri Latonik

“We want one for each toilet in our house and an extra one for the RV. This is awesome!” ~ @freshlyfoundvintage


Where do I get the litter bowl? ~ Janet Bencini

“We have been full time RVers since Nov 2012. We have a litterbox and are about to use Cat’s Incredible litter… would luv to share our throne with our girls.” ~ @oceanluvkitty

“Cool product!” ~ @thenomadicpursuit

“Where do you get this from, and do you use it when you’re out on the road? Possible buying an RV to live in and would love to ask some questions about that and this “kitty toilet”. ~ @sweetbabysteven


Kitty LitterBowl on Toilet

“This is an amazing idea!” ~ Rebecca Rehm

“Nice. We’ve always wondered about training cats to use the toilet. This is a good alternative!” ~ @exploringthelocallife

“Love this!” ~ Tina Kashlak Nicolai

“Wow – Like it!” ~ @travelingwithjp

Desperately Missing KLB Prototype

Our 3D printed Kitty LitterBowl prototype is currently at Line-X getting sprayed with a protective coating. And, can we just say… UGH!!!!


Kitty LitterBowl on Toilet

We noticed the epoxy that was applied to Kitty LitterBowl’s underside after printing was peeling off and we didn’t want to take any chances of further damage. We researched coatings for plastic and found Line-X, a coating well-known for truck beds. Turns out their coating can be applied to almost anything.

BONUS information… the coating can also be applied to the underside of RVs, ideal for resisting rocks, debris and UV damage. We didn’t research pricing, but we’re making a mental note for when we buy our motorhome!

Line-X Coating for Kitty LitterBowl Prototype

This is all wonderful news, except we have to use a smelly, messy cat litter box until the Kitty LitterBowl prototype is returned. We really can’t express the degree to which we miss it.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Product Search FINALIST!

real simple pet contest

Kitty LitterBowl is a FINALIST in two of the Bed, Bath & Beyond product searches run by Edison Nation!


Kitty LitterBowl on Toilet

Edison Nation will present Kitty LitterBowl to People and Real Simple for consideration. If it’s selected for further due diligence, each partner will determine costing, manufacturing, pricing, marketing, distribution and more, and then decide if they want to license our idea. If the answer is yes, a term sheet is sent and negotiations begin!

We’re so excited about this opportunity to bring Kitty LitterBowl to the marketplace and improve the lives of cats and their owners, as well as the environment!

PAWesome Florida PETrepreneurs

Orlando Entrepreneur Thinks Outside of the Cat Litter Box

ORLANDO, FL – July 23, 2017 – Traci Thompson of Orlando, Florida is joining a long line of breakthrough petrepreneurs out of Florida with her invention Kitty LitterBowl. Thompson resigned a 17-year career in office management after the onset of Fibromyalgia in 2007. She spends her days at home as a wife, cat mom, and part-time freelance resume writer.


Fulltime RV living has been a goal of Thompson’s for many years, but one issue gave her pause about this lifestyle change…the “dreaded cat litter box.” The thought of trying to accommodate this critical item in a confined space, not to mention enduring the messes and bad odor, was a bit unsettling.

Thompson did extensive research specific to the issue, including a failed two-year attempt to toilet train her cats, only to come away dissatisfied. During her research, she also discovered that over 2,000,000 tons of cat litter ends up in U.S. landfills each year!

“I got tired of dealing with stinky, unsanitary and bulky litter boxes and gave up on cat toilet training,” Thompson, said. So, she created a portable, space-saving and eco-friendly cat litter bowl, and soon realized that other cat owners who live in small living spaces would love this invention.


Kitty LitterBowl in Action

In the following year, Traci developed a CAD model and prototype, applied for a patent and trademark, drafted a business plan, and created a website, social media pages and product demo video. “We saw a niche and filled it,” Thompson said. “And, we’ve used our Kitty LitterBowl prototype ever since we created it.”

Thompson isn’t the only petrepreneur out of Florida…

jonathan warren

Jonathan Warren, a surfer from West Palm Beach, Florida developed The MicroID™ Collar to win the inaugural PetSafe IdeaFetch pet product invention contest in 2006. The collar provides a way for pet lovers to place an electronic journal on a pet’s collar for storing pet and owner data. This amazing pet product is now sold online and in stores nationwide.


In December 2012, needing money to expand ChewyRyan Cohen traveled from Fort Lauderdale to Palo Alto in search of funding. Cohen’s relentlessness in securing capital resulted in one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing privately owned e-commerce companies, on track to book revenue of more than $1.5 billion in 2017.

nature's kitchen dog food

Frustrated by the absence of quality dog foods in the market and a series of high profile industry recalls, two friends and life-long dog lovers began making their own dog food with all-natural ingredients based around a wild diet. Maverick Pet Foods, located in Hollywood, Florida, propelled Nature’s Kitchen® and Genesis RAW® into the upper echelons of the dog food world.


Miami veterinarian Barry Goldberg, DVM, launched EZ Vet, 50-square-foot veterinary clinics located inside of Pet Supply Stores. This start-up business follows the successful course of CVS Pharmacy’s Minute Clinic chain. Goldberg is expanding the business with three clinics in Florida and one in Virginia, and hopes to open 100 clinics over the next three years.

poo butler

Wesley Benham of Bradenton, Florida invented Poo Butler, a convenient leash attachment to carry dog waste bags, after growing tired of carrying stinky poop bags. Benham launched sales of Poo Butler in January 2016. The leash attachment can be bought online or found at Nate’s Place Retail & Adoption Center in University Park, Pets Plus in Parrish and both Crowder Brothers’ Ace Hardware stores in Bradenton.

The State of Florida delivers innovative services and products for our furry friends!

Thompson needs funding to launch Kitty LitterBowl. You can help her bring this PURR-fect cat waste management device to the marketplace by donating to her GoFundMe campaign https://www.gofundme.com/kittylitterbowl or investing in the business in return for equity. Thompson’s email address is kittylitterbowl@gmail.com.

Kitty LitterBowl Replaces Cat Litter Boxes and Cat Toilet Training

We’ve been using the Kitty LitterBowl prototype for one week and couldn’t be happier; no lingering bad odor, no cat litter mess on the floor, no wasted cat litter, no time-consuming cleanup, and no working around a bulky cat litter box that sits on the floor! And, the cats are happy too.


Kitty LitterBowl on Toilet

Within four days, both cats were using Kitty LitterBowl on the toilet. Talk about hassle free training! Two years of our lives were wasted on attempts to toilet train them. Well, not really, as that horrible experience led to the development of Kitty LitterBowl.

Our recent activities include creating brochures, making a demo video, developing a GoFundMe page, and entering invention contests on Edison Nation. Next on our to-do list is mailing letters and brochures to well-known environmentalists and celebrities to promote our GoFundMe page for start-up costs.

real simple pet contest

Please spread the word to friends and family members who may want to donate – Every little bit helps!


We’re looking forward to improving the lives of cats and their owners, as well as the environment. Stay tuned for PAW-esome updates!

Kitty LitterBowl Prototype, Demo Video, Contest Entries and GoFundMe Campaign…WHEW!

It’s Day 4 of using the Kitty LitterBowl prototype and we LOVE it. Roo and Spike’s transition from a cat litter box to Kitty LitterBowl has been nearly effortless.

Design Launchers told us that it’s common for their customers to request a second prototype in order to work out kinks, but I’m thrilled to say that we don’t need a second one! Our cat toilet training experience and observations, extensive research, and drawings with measurements really paid off.

We created the following product demo video over the weekend. Please watch it and let us know if you have any questions or feedback – We would love to hear from you!

kitty litterbowl video pic

Also, we entered Edison Nation pet product contests for Bed Bath & Beyond today and we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

real simple pet contest

Next on our to-do list is mailing letters and brochures to well-known environmentalists and celebrities to promote our GoFundMe page for start-up costs. Please spread the word to friends and family members who may want to donate – Every little bit helps!


Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a PAW-esome week!

Kitty LitterBowl Prototype Delivered

Excitement is an understatement… take a gander at our Kitty LitterBowl prototype!

Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 3Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 2Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 1

The prototype is still in the hands of our trusty product development engineer at Design Launchers, as they need to create the door and door handle, but we plan on picking it up tomorrow. We can’t wait to get our hands on this beauty!

Our recent activities include creating a business plan and a product demo script. Posting a product demo video is a priority for us, because we recently learned that People Magazine is searching for new pet products and accessories to launch at Bed Bath & Beyond and other retail stores.

We’ll soon post and announce the Kitty LitterBowl product demo video!

Kitty LitterBowl CAD Drawings & Paper Mache Model

The CAD drawings for my new pet product Kitty LitterBowl are coming along nicely! Cat litter boxes will soon have strong competition.

We improved upon the sliding door mechanism so cat owners can easily dispose of cat waste without removing Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet.

Kitty LitterBowl CAD Drawing Update

Next on the product development engineer’s priority list is creating a 3D paper mache model that’s an accurate representation of Kitty LitterBowl’s size and shape in order to test it on various toilets. I expect to receive photos of the paper mache testing process next week.