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Orlando Entrepreneur Thinks Outside of the Cat Litter Box

ORLANDO, FL – July 23, 2017 – Traci Thompson of Orlando, Florida is joining a long line of breakthrough petrepreneurs out of Florida with her invention Kitty LitterBowl. Thompson resigned a 17-year career in office management after the onset of Fibromyalgia in 2007. She spends her days at home as a wife, cat mom, and part-time freelance resume writer.


Fulltime RV living has been a goal of Thompson’s for many years, but one issue gave her pause about this lifestyle change…the “dreaded cat litter box.” Accommodating this critical pet product in her apartment was difficult and frustrating, and she couldn’t even imagine enduring the messes and bad odor in a motorhome.

Thompson did extensive research specific to the issue, including a failed two-year attempt to toilet train her cats, only to come away dissatisfied. During her research, she also discovered that over 2,000,000 tons of cat litter ends up in U.S. landfills each year!

“I got tired of dealing with stinky, unsanitary and bulky litter boxes and gave up on cat toilet training,” Thompson, said. So, she created a portable, space-saving and eco-friendly cat litter bowl, and soon realized that other cat owners would love this invention.


Kitty LitterBowl in Action

In the following year, Traci developed a CAD model and prototype, applied for a patent and trademark, drafted a business plan, and created a website, social media pages and a product demo video. “We’ve used our Kitty LitterBowl prototype ever since we created it.” Thompson said.

Thompson isn’t the only petrepreneur out of Florida…

jonathan warren

Jonathan Warren, a surfer from West Palm Beach, Florida developed The MicroID™ Collar to win the inaugural PetSafe IdeaFetch pet product invention contest in 2006. The collar provides a way for pet lovers to place an electronic journal on a pet’s collar for storing pet and owner data. This amazing pet product is now sold online and in stores nationwide.


In December 2012, needing money to expand ChewyRyan Cohen traveled from Fort Lauderdale to Palo Alto in search of funding. Cohen’s relentlessness in securing capital resulted in one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing privately owned e-commerce companies, on track to book revenue of more than $1.5 billion in 2017.

nature's kitchen dog food

Frustrated by the absence of quality dog foods in the market and a series of high profile industry recalls, two friends and life-long dog lovers began making their own dog food with all-natural ingredients based around a wild diet. Maverick Pet Foods, located in Hollywood, Florida, propelled Nature’s Kitchen® and Genesis RAW® into the upper echelons of the dog food world.


Miami veterinarian Barry Goldberg, DVM, launched EZ Vet, 50-square-foot veterinary clinics located inside of Pet Supply Stores. This start-up business follows the successful course of CVS Pharmacy’s Minute Clinic chain. Goldberg is expanding the business with three clinics in Florida and one in Virginia, and hopes to open 100 clinics over the next three years.

poo butler

Wesley Benham of Bradenton, Florida invented Poo Butler, a convenient leash attachment to carry dog waste bags, after growing tired of carrying stinky poop bags. Benham launched sales of Poo Butler in January 2016. The leash attachment can be bought online or found at Nate’s Place Retail & Adoption Center in University Park, Pets Plus in Parrish and both Crowder Brothers’ Ace Hardware stores in Bradenton.

The State of Florida delivers innovative services and products for our furry friends!

Thompson is now seeking licensing opportunities for Kitty LitterBowl. Her email address is