Close to Replacing the Cat Litter Box

Our product engineer ran the first long 3D test print of the new Kitty LitterBowl (cat litter box replacement) prototype. Essentially, they tested the top portion of KLB, which was one of the weak points on the previous prototype.

These pictures of the current print compared to the previous prototype give us an idea of what the surface finish is like. Although the new prototype has wall thickness that is twice as thick as the previous prototype, the nature of the 3D printing process they’re currently using will still leave it prone to delamination (albeit less prone than the previous prototype).



The product engineer will configure some temperature settings on their new 3D printer to alleviate this issue. We’re excited about their progress and believe we’ll be able to pickup our new prototype soon.

We’re very close to delivering the last cat waste management device you’ll ever need to buy!