Kitty LitterBowl Prototype, Demo Video, Contest Entries and GoFundMe Campaign…WHEW!

It’s Day 4 of using the Kitty LitterBowl prototype and we LOVE it. Roo and Spike’s transition from a cat litter box to Kitty LitterBowl has been nearly effortless.

Design Launchers told us that it’s common for their customers to request a second prototype in order to work out kinks, but I’m thrilled to say that we don’t need a second one! Our cat toilet training experience and observations, extensive research, and drawings with measurements really paid off.

We created the following product demo video over the weekend. Please watch it and let us know if you have any questions or feedback – We would love to hear from you!

kitty litterbowl video pic

Also, we entered Edison Nation pet product contests for Bed Bath & Beyond today and we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

real simple pet contest

Next on our to-do list is mailing letters and brochures to well-known environmentalists and celebrities to promote our GoFundMe page for start-up costs. Please spread the word to friends and family members who may want to donate – Every little bit helps!


Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a PAW-esome week!


Kitty LitterBowl Prototype Delivered

Excitement is an understatement… take a gander at our Kitty LitterBowl prototype!

Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 3Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 2Kitty LitterBowl Prototype 1

The prototype is still in the hands of our trusty product development engineer at Design Launchers, as they need to create the door and door handle, but we plan on picking it up tomorrow. We can’t wait to get our hands on this beauty!

Our recent activities include creating a business plan and a product demo script. Posting a product demo video is a priority for us, because we recently learned that People Magazine is searching for new pet products and accessories to launch at Bed Bath & Beyond and other retail stores.

We’ll soon post and announce the Kitty LitterBowl product demo video!

Kitty LitterBowl CAD Drawings & Paper Mache Model

The CAD drawings for my new pet product Kitty LitterBowl are coming along nicely! Cat litter boxes will soon have strong competition.

We improved upon the sliding door mechanism so cat owners can easily dispose of cat waste without removing Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet.

Kitty LitterBowl CAD Drawing Update

Next on the product development engineer’s priority list is creating a 3D paper mache model that’s an accurate representation of Kitty LitterBowl’s size and shape in order to test it on various toilets. I expect to receive photos of the paper mache testing process next week.

Exciting Week for Kitty LitterBowl

This week’s exciting events included receiving a phone call from the TV show Shark Tank, signing a contract with an Orlando product development company for CAD 3D drawings, as well as various Kitty LitterBowl marketing endeavors.  What a week! We finally feel like we’re on the road realization.

Although a Kitty LitterBowl appearance on Shark Tank is unlikely due to our very recent start-up and goal to license rights to other businesses, it was thrilling to receive a preliminary phone call from one of their assistant producers. After the interview, the assistant producer informed us that she’d pass on the information to a producer for further review.

We also made the decision to sign a contract with Design Launchers, an Orlando product development company, for 3D CAD drawing design, the first step in developing a Kitty LitterBowl prototype. We’re anxious to get our hands on a prototype so we can video record Roo and Spike using it and prove its awesome functionality. And, we’re growing extremely tired of cleaning up cat litter caused by flawed cat litter box designs!

Other activities included creating a fundraising letter and brochure that we’ll send to well-known environmentalists and animal lovers to boost donations on GoFundMe. We received enough money to pay for CAD drawings and a prototype, but machining for plastic injection molding will cost approximately $50,000. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated!

We look forward to sharing pictures and videos of Kitty LitterBowl in action!